"Pain in the Neck"

If you’ve got neck pain, a number of factors can be causing it. You may have whiplash from a car accident. You may have arthritis. Very often, my patients have a combination of subtle injuries that are causing them great pain. The good news is – there are very good treatments to relieve your neck pain!

Whiplash from a car accident is a very common cause.

The injury occurs when there is an abrupt jerking motion – one that that injures the tiny facet joints in your neck. Your head is suddenly flexed forward, then thrust backward. It’s much like getting your finger jammed in a basketball game, as the joints get jammed shut. Muscles and nerve roots are also affected.

The strange thing about whiplash is that it doesn’t show up for a day or more after the accident. But it’s a serious injury that requires a pain specialist to detect all the subtle injuries so they can each be treated. Otherwise you simply won’t heal.

That’s just one type of neck injury.  Very often, a combination factors is causing your neck pain.

Arthritis is often involved. Also, there may be disc degeneration in the upper spine. You see, the spine is composed of vertebrae which are bones with discs between them. The discs provide cushioning and help the spine support your weight. If one of those discs loses its cushioning ability and becomes flattened, you’re in trouble. This can happen in your back as well as your neck. Disc problems occur more commonly as we get older, as the discs show wear and tear. The cushioning gel inside the discs starts to leak out, and that causes discs to become more brittle.

When the disc is injured, the muscles and nerves may also get involved. You might feel a shooting pain in your shoulder and arm, in addition to your neck pain.

If you are having neck pain give us a call and let us take a gander.